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Cheryl Magyar

Cheryl Magyar is a real life homesteader, organic gardener, forager, poet and freelance writer with more than twenty years experience of living a simple life close to nature. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she has never been a city girl. Instead, always choosing out-of-the-way places where quiet reigns. From Oregon, to Hungary and Scotland, she always takes her self-reliance and survival skills with her. Currently she resides in a two-room traditional wooden house in Breb, Romania, amidst charming haystacks, with her husband and homeschooled daughter. Their land and life's work is aptly named ForestCreekMeadows.

You can join Cheryl and her family for (re)workshops in person: related to homesteading, foraging, canning, preserving, no-dig gardening, etc. - or - follow on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter to connect with Forest Creek Meadows online.

An important note: the ability to reconnect to nature in an overly tech-driven era is essential for our survival. It's more important than ever to spend increasing amounts of meaningful time outside. Join their Earth Gratitude Journal project on Patreon to be inspired by the outdoors on a monthly basis.