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12 Coolest Raised Bed Kits Available on Amazon

Raised bed gardening is a simple and ancient technique for increasing crop yields for less work.

Growing food “up” instead of “down” was first developed around 300 BC by the Andean people of South America. Called Waru Waru, it consisted of a maze-like arrangement of raised planting beds surrounded by dug trenches that captured water from nearby floodplains.

Growing crops on the Altiplano at more than 12,000 feet above sea level was challenging to say the least, but under Waru Waru, this pre-Incan civilization was able to triple their food production. Though Waru Waru was eventually abandoned for other gardening systems, raised beds are still a very useful strategy today.

Growing food crops in a contained and elevated structure creates a tiny microclimate within the garden patch. Moisture and nutrients in the soil are conserved and recycled more efficiently and soil is less compacted allowing the roots to flourish – all with fewer weeds to pluck and pests to contend with overall.

Performing garden tasks on an elevated bed is far easier on your body than working on your hands and knees.

Paired up with permaculture techniques like companion planting, square foot gardening, and layered food forests, raised garden beds can be as simple or complex as you desire.

You can build a raised bed yourself using materials you may already have at home, but if you lack the DIY skills, or the time, then a ready-made raised bed kit may be the right choice for you.

If you don’t want to hoe your row this season, check out these options for complete raised bed kits.

1. Basic Raised Bed Garden Kit

Size: 2’ wide x 6’ long x 5.5” tall but available in many different sizes

Materials: Western Red Cedar wood

For clean and simple lines, this raised bed kit is a basic growing box made with durability in mind.

Constructed from naturally rot-resistant, Western Red Cedar planks with fitted joints secured with a wooden dowel at each corner, this kit is a snap to throw together.

It is also stackable and modular, and adding another kit or two can be used to increase growing depth or bed length.

2. Elevated Garden Kit

Size: 22” wide x 52.7” long x 30” tall, 9” growing depth

Materials: Cedar wood

Gardening at the hip with an elevated bed will save you from much undue back and neck pain.

When shopping for a raised bed on legs, you’ll want to look for one that is super sturdy to bear the heaviness of the soil, and this kit surely fits the bill.

Crafted with 2.2-inch thick cedar wood, and with extras like a side workstation, large lower shelf, and optional growing grid for 8 plants, it’s a handsome piece that is perfect for balconies or small yards.

3. Three-Tier Raised Garden Bed Kit

Size: 47 x 47 x 22 inches

Materials: Fir wood

Joining form and function, this 3-tiered raised bed kit provides a gorgeous cascading aesthetic with plenty of growing room.

Each tier adds a planting depth of 7 inches, allowing you to grow your shallow rooted plants in the front and your more deep rooted plants at the back.

Because fir wood isn’t as rot-resistant as cedar and cypress, it’s recommended you treat it with a garden safe wood preservative, like this one.

4. Metal Raised Bed Kit

Size: 4 ft wide x 8 ft long x 1 ft tall

Materials: Heavy duty sheet metal

A budget friendly option that will last a long, long time, this galvanized steel planting bed won’t warp, twist, or rot.

With no bottom, it offers excellent drainage and will enable you to grow even the deepest rooted vegetables.

5. Plastic Raised Bed Kit

Size: 4’ wide x 4’ long x 9” tall

Materials: High density polyethylene plastic

Another growing box that is unaffected by the elements, this kit won’t rot, crack, or twist.

The walls of the raised bed are slate grey with an attractive faux wood design.

Assembly is quick and easy, just snap the interlocking corners to the longer pieces – no hardware or tools required.

Use the kits separately or stack two for an 18” planting depth.

6. Raised Bed Kit with Greenhouse

Size: 37” wide x 49” long x 36” tall with cover

Materials: Galvanized steel raised bed with transparent polyethylene cover

A useful combo, this kit includes a galvanized steel raised bed with an 11.8 inch planting depth as well as a metal frame with fitted polyethylene tent available in green mesh or clear.

Extending the growing season in spring and autumn, the greenhouse cover includes a zippered window, making it easy to water and ventilate your plants.

Since the greenhouse cover and frame are not affixed to the raised bed, you can use them together or move the greenhouse to other areas of your garden that need protection from frost.

7. Fabric Raised Bed Kit

Size: 3’ wide x 6’ long x 16” tall

Materials: Polyethylene fabric

When you’re looking for a portable and durable raised bed, this fabric grow bag kit should do the trick.

(And here’s an article sharing why we think grow bags are one of the best ways to grow veggies)

Constructed of soft, UV resistant, BPA free, non-woven polyethylene fabric, it can be placed on any flat surface – even a deck or tabletop – for an instant raised bed, no assembly required.

The heavy duty fabric allows good airflow through the root systems while quickly draining away excess water.

When the season is over, simply empty it and fold it up for easy storage.

8. Keyhole Raised Bed Kit with Composter

Size: 6’ wide x 6’ long x 23” tall

Materials: Premium vinyl

An excellent choice for gardeners with physical limitations, the keyhole design and nearly 2-foot height makes tending the plants much easier while standing in one spot.

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Made from food grade, BPA and phthalate free polymer in white, this kit won’t rot, rust, crack, or peel. 

And one of the coolest features is the latticed composting compartment at the keyhole inlet where you can dispose of your kitchen scraps and boost soil fertility.

Try lining the bottom and around the compost basket with straw or cardboard to cut down on the amount of soil you need to fill it.

9. Raised Bed Kit with Trellis

Size: 11” wide x 25” long x 48” tall with trellis, 6” planting depth

Materials: Fir wood

With a built in trellis at the back, this raised bed kit looks fantastic lining a walkway, patio, or fence.

Made from solid fir, use the planting bed for any and all climbing and vining plants, such as peas, beans, cucumber, morning glories, clematis, and honeysuckle.

Alternatively, the latticework can act as hooks to hang your flower baskets.

10. Modular Raised Bed Kit

Size: 8’ wide x 8’ long x 16.5” tall

Materials: Cedar wood

For a raised bed system that can grow along with your gardening prowess, this kit can be configured any which way you like.

Shown in a U-shaped set up, the interlocking 4-foot long boxes could be arranged in a line, or double wide, or other shape to suit your needs. This flexibility is due to the 4-way dovetail corner posts that lock the planks into place, no hardware needed.

All products within this line have the same neat feature, allowing for lots of creativity when designing your raised bed garden.

Made in the USA.

11. Raised Bed Kit with Critter Fence

Size: 8’ wide x 8’ long x 33.5” tall with fence

Materials: Western Red Cedar wood

Prevent rabbits and other small critters from getting at your veggies with this U-shaped raised bed kit replete with 12” wire mesh fencing.

The kit spans 2-feet wide and about 16-feet long around the U with a planting depth of 22.5-inches, providing plenty of growing space for your crops.

It also includes a locking gate and two foldable trellis panels that can be added to the rear or sides.

12. Raised Bed Kit with Deer Fence

Size: 8’ wide x 12’ long x 67” tall with fence

Materials: Western Red Cedar wood

The Cadillac of raised bed kits, this one truly has it all:

A massive U-shaped growing area that runs 2-feet wide and about 24-feet long all around, a 67-inch tall black mesh fence that lines the perimeter and will surely stop deer from helping themselves to your bounty, as well as a locking gate with rust-proof hinges.

Constructed from durable, untreated cedar, this kit is sure to last many growing seasons, especially when periodically coated in a wood preservative.

Made in Canada.

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My gardening philosophy is simple – work with the forces of nature to foster balanced ecosystems in the landscape. By taking advantage of 470 million years of evolutionary wisdom, suddenly the garden is more resilient and self-sustaining. By restoring biodiversity, we get built-in nutrient cycling, pest control, climate regulation, and widespread pollination. By building healthy soil and supporting the food web, we can have lush gardens and do a small part in healing our local biomes, too.

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