Beautify Forgotten Landscapes

Homemade Wildflower Seed Bombs

Get in on the "Guerilla Gardening" movement and make these wildflower seed bombs.  We'll show you how... 

What forgotten corner of the world will be brightened by your wildflower bombs?

What you'll need:

- Clay (pottery or modeling clay is fine) - Potting Soil - Wildflower seeds (must be native to your area)

Step #1. Pinch off a wad of clay

Slightly larger than a golf ball is about right.

Step #2. Smash the clay to 1/4 inch thick. 

Now spread about two tbs of potting soil and ½ tsp of seeds onto your clay pizza.

Step #3. Sprinkle on a few drops of water 

Roll up the mess and work it together, incorporating the soil and seeds into the clay.

Step #4. Keep adding more soil 

Work it into the clay until it feels dry and loses that sticky feel.

Step #5. Pinch off golf ball sized pieces

Roll into spheres in the potting soil to incorporate more soil.

Step #6. Allow to dry

Leave your seed bombs for 24 hours to dry.

Step #7. Bombs away!

Where will you throw your wildflower seed bombs? Here are some ideas...

Toss them out your car window to bloom along roadsides...

Drop them in grassy areas in your community to provide food for pollinators and beauty for humans.

Scatter them in your own backyard to create a pollinator friendly wildflower garden.

Get more ideas for scattering your seed bombs, which seeds to use and the full step-by-step tutorial at Rural Sprout...